[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDRAdmin-AM-3.4.4rc

Andreas Mair Andreas.Mair at linogate.com
Thu Mar 30 13:24:53 CEST 2006


the release candidate is available at http://andreas.vdr-developer.org/en

It'll move unchanged to the final release except heavy bugs will show. The 
final release is scheduled for the end of next week.

Have fun!

*** HISTORY ***
2006-03-30: 3.4.4rc
- Fixed: new TV grabbing introduced with beta2 (Many thanks to horchi for 
reporting and testing).
- Changed: check if a timer to be programmed by an AutoTimer already exists 
(Requested by several people).
- Added: display AutoTimer information in timer's edit view (Somehow 
requested by MarkusE).
- Fixed: recordings/timers/autotimers containing double-quotes couldn't be 
deleted (Reported by The Unknown).

2006-03-14: 3.4.4beta2
- Reworked TV grabbing.
- Added optional parameters for TV for use with external tools: 
- Fixed program switching in prog_summary, prog_list and prog_detail (Based 
on suggestions by kayser).
- New: buttons to move to previous/next day in timers_list (Requested by 
- Moved "help" menu into "about" menu.
- Added VDR's "commands.conf" conntent to select box in navigation menu.
- Changed defaults for "autotimer checking" in timers as they had been in 
- New button on remote controls: Mute (Requested by Rüdiger Jung and Hardy 
- Timeline in timer_list will show timers of current day even if a timer 
starts the day before (Reported by Hardy Flor).

2006-03-08: 3.4.4beta
- Added script "convert.sh" to convert the AutoTimer information in VDR's 
timers.conf to the new format (see "convert.sh" for usage).
- Use the summary/aux timer field to store AutoTimer information to be 
compatible to VDR v1.3.44 and later.
- Removed "Add summary to new timers" option. The EPG summary is no longer 
copied to the timer's summary/aux field (for VDR 1.3.44+) or always copied 
(VDR 1.3.43-).
- Made summary textfield readonly while adding/editing a timer.
- Unless NO_EVENTID or NO_EVENTID_ON is used the EPG-ID is stored in every 
(auto)timer set using VDRAdmin-AM.
- For every timer the current start/stop margins are saved in its 
summary/aux field. These are used for checking AutoTimers by time.
- Fixed bug while checking for already programmed (auto)timers if not using 

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