[vdr] Network patch for xine-lib

CR oauk32v02 at sneakemail.com
Fri Mar 31 09:04:20 CEST 2006

Hi all,

Does anyone have updated instructions for patching vdr-xine (>=.7.7)  for
network use?  It would be nice if we could post them someplace more
visible and in English.  I'd be happy to clean up the instructions if
someone can give me the details.

I've already read:


but looking in :


there are a few more patches which I think might be needed i.e.
"vdr-xine-lib-addr-from-mrl.diff" but I'm not sure.

I do have vdr-xine 0.7.8/xine-ui working and talking to VDR, so I'm ready
for the next step.

Also, Reinhard, I know you probably get asked this alot, but when might we
expect the network patches to be integrated with vdr-xine?

Finally, thanks to *ALL* who have made any of this possible.  I still
marvel at it all.

Thank you.

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