[vdr] Re: vdr Digest, Vol 14, Issue 57

vdr at daliman.de vdr at daliman.de
Fri Mar 31 17:47:22 CEST 2006

Hi, i´m not Klaus but i answer. (I dont speak for Klaus to)
It is not completely wrong to use ist, but it looks nicer with
cChannels.Name() because it is shorter and more readable.
i.A. DaLiMan


Klaus also use cChannels.ShotName() in the schedule menu of VDR so I 
wonder why it should be a wrong to use it.

The plugin patches the font at run time. So there is no need for the 
WarEagle-Icon-patch. The patch you provide adds icons to mark a channel 
as tv or radio channel. I don't have in mind to add this informations.

So I don't see this two issues as mistakes.

(the author of Nordlicht's EPG-Plugin ;-) )

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