[vdr] Question about audio on FF C2300/Nexus-CA

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Apr 17 21:38:54 CEST 2007


my answers are based on vdr-xine -- just give it a try ;-)

Simon Baxter wrote:

> Can you use a fully-featured card (with MPEG decoder) without using the
> decoder?


> I've read you need to attach an external cable from the card audio output to
> the PC soundcard.  Is this necessary???


> Can you just use xineliboutput or vdr-xine as a soft device instead??

vdr-xine's file INSTALL says:

If your system is equipped with a full featured card (i. e. a card that has
its own MPEG decoder), you'll see in xine nothing more than "NO SIGNAL".
is because VDR has chosen the hardware MPEG decoder over the software MPEG
decoder, so the output device is your full featured card. To get the
output to
xine, you'll have to go to VDR's OSD setup menu and choose the highest
available, which should be vdr-xine's software device.

vdr-xine's file MANUAL says:

Get primary device when xine connects: Yes ***** REQUIRES VDR >= 1.3.32

This option is especially useful for owners of full featured DVB cards which
usually run the OSD on a full featured card (i. e. the full featured card is
the primary device).
With this option set to Yes, vdr-xine automatically makes itself the primary
device while xine is connected to it. In that way the OSD and live TV are
automatically available via vdr-xine without the need to manually switch the
primary device via remote control nor SVDRP interface.

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