[vdr] EFF Europe petition against IPRED2

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Tue Apr 17 21:57:23 CEST 2007


IANAL so forgive me if it is irrelevant, but to me it seems
important enough to pass the information on.

Quoting http://www.copycrime.eu/ :

  "On April 24th, the European Parliament will vote on IPRED2, the Second
  Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive.
  If IPRED2 passes in its current form, "aiding, abetting, or inciting"
  copyright infringement on a "commercial scale" in the EU will become a

The two key problems here are:
1. undefined meaning of "commercial scale" and "incitement"
2. it becoming a crime (as opposed to a a subject of civil law)

My understanding is that e.g. it could become a crime to write
software which could be used to record pay-TV without the
broadcaster's consent, even though using a valid subscription.
(But, again, IANAL, so my understanding could be wrong -- you
have to decide for yourself. I think currently there is no law
against writing such software, only using it might be a
(minor) infringement.)

The goal of the petition is to ask the European Parliament
to amend IPRED2 with clear definitions of the language,
and to clearly limit the scope to real criminals (i.e. people
making money selling fake designer watches or cloned DVDs etc.).

Visit http://www.copycrime.eu/ for more info and to sign
the petition if you want to support it.


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