[vdr] analog input with TT C-2300??

mikke at ihku.org mikke at ihku.org
Wed Apr 18 07:38:35 CEST 2007

On Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 01:53:06AM +0100, Simon Baxter wrote:
> I'm looking at getting a Technotrend C-2300 card.
> The card specs on dvbshop.net indicate:
> Bu 1 Audio-In 3,5mm Jack-plug
> Bu 2 Composite-Video-In Cinch-female connector
> Does this mean there's an MPEG2-encoder onboard as well?  How do I use
> this?  With v4l2/ivtv and pvrinput?
> Thanks
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Yes it's a full featured card(lacking in some areas like rf-out though)
with hw mpeg2 encoding. I'm also considering buying this card and 
any comments or experiences from users of this card are more than
helpfull. Especially on picture quality of the composite-out and
possibly rgb-out if someone's hacked it(alot harder than 2.1 cards
I hear).

-- gnarlie

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