[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.5.2

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Apr 22 17:05:07 CEST 2007

VDR developer version 1.5.2 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous developer version is available at


I haven't had time to work on VDR in the past few weeks, so several
bugfixes etc. that have been posted on the mailing list are still in
my inbox and I have yet to look into them. I just wanted to get this
version out now, because it implements a very first step into using
UTF-8 character encoding. If you're using a language that has many
non-7bit-ASCII characters, you may not want to use this version.
However, if your language uses only a few such characters (like German),
running this version on a UTF-8 system should at least get the file
names of recordings right - even though the umlauts will not be
displayed correctly on the OSD).


This is a *developer* version. Even though *I* use it in my productive
environment, I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
conditions and for testing and debugging.

The changes since version 1.5.1:

- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed handling user activity for shutdown, which I had messed when adopting Udo's
  original patch (thanks to Udo Richter).
- Added Turkish language texts (thanks to Oktay Yolgeçen).
- Added missing rules for generating iso8859-13 font to Makefile.
- 'libsi' now converts the incoming strings into the system's character set
  according to the DVB standard. The system's character set is determined from
  the LANG environment variable. If no recognizable setting can be found, no
  conversion will take place. Note that currently only the strings received from the
  SI data stream are converted, there have not been any changes regarding displaying
  UTF-8 characters on the OSD, yet - this will follow in one of the next steps.
  With this conversion, it should now be safe to run VDR on a UTF-8 file system,
  because all incoming characters are converted to UTF-8. This will most likely
  result in wrong characters being displayed on the OSD (because there UTF-8 is
  not known, yet), but the file names should be ok (haven't tested this myself,
  though, because I don't do UTF-8 - so please be very careful when testing!).
  There's one piece of bad news here: the German pay-tv broadcaster Premiere
  apparently encodes all EPG strings as ISO8859-1, but fails to correctly mark
  these strings as such. Therefore 'libsi' (following the DVB standard) considers
  the strings to be encoded in the default ISO6937 and converts them to whatever
  the system's character set is. This, of course, results in wrong umlauts.
  On its old transponder, the ProSieben/SAT.1 channels also had their EPG data
  wrongly encoded, but apparently on the new transponder they started broadcasting
  on this month, they got it right.

Have fun!


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