[vdr] Freezes with Reiserfs

Guido Fiala gfiala at s.netic.de
Tue Apr 24 20:19:11 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 24 April 2007 19:34, Udo Richter wrote:
> AFAIK notail disables reiser's ability to pack small (<12k) files
> together, and since recordings are just a little bit bigger, I don't
> think that this would help.

Yes and no- it doesn't have to gather / manage tails that way and there are 
also los of small files in the video-dir/same partition.

> The time I had this issue, I was excessively using VDR's ability to
> automatically delete old recordings, so free disk space was always
> running down to 1 GByte (39 min), and this remaining GByte was mostly
> fragmented down to thousands of pieces of a few KBytes. I doubt that any
> other file system would do better.

Most system start to degrade heavily from 70% filled.

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