[vdr] no transponder/initial file for DVB-C in New Zealand

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Sat Apr 28 00:46:23 CEST 2007

I've just taken receipt of my TT-1500 DVB-C card, but can't find any

I've run 'dvbsnoop -s pidscan' but find nothing - but as I don't know what
to tune the card to, I guess that's expected?

I found one reference to frequencies and encoding someone had on google and
created a file with:
# TCL Initial Testing
# 2007-28-05
# freq sr fec mod
C 711000000 6900000 NONE QAM256

but get:
./scan dvb-c/nz-telstraclear
scanning dvb-c/nz-telstraclear
using '/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0' and '/dev/dvb/adapter0/demux0'
initial transponder 711000000 6900000 0 5
>>> tune to: 711000000:INVERSION_AUTO:6900000:FEC_NONE:QAM_256
WARNING: >>> tuning failed!!!
>>> tune to: 711000000:INVERSION_AUTO:6900000:FEC_NONE:QAM_256 (tuning
WARNING: >>> tuning failed!!!
ERROR: initial tuning failed
dumping lists (0 services)


dvbscan dvb-c/nz-telstraclear
Unable to query frontend status

How can I scan frequescies/channels from scratch????

Can anyone help?

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