[vdr] Problem with multiple audio channels and DVB subtitles in recordings (YLE Teema)

Ville Aakko ville.aakko at gmail.com
Sat May 12 12:57:11 CEST 2007


I've had problems with two episodes of a documentary series about
drugs and the human brain running on Finnish YLE Teema (originally a
French documentary by ARTE France NOVAPROD OWL). The audio channels
are labeled wrongly in the recordings (there is the original French
commentary / dubbed interviews and one with Finnish commentary /
original interviews), but more importantly, subtitles are not replayed
in the recordings! I've had no problems with DVB subtitles on other
recordings I've made.

Wathing the program in real-time has no problems, there I can see the
subtitles without problems. Only the recordings have problems. Is this
problem only on my setup? I haven't checked into this in more detail
yet, but those who are interested (btw. the series is really
interesting) and also live in Finland, please check if you can record
this correctly. There is a rerun today of the 3rd episode:

YLE Teema:
18.00 	Huumetta aivoille

And, since this is a 5-episode series, there'll be opportunities (2x2)
to debug this one. The series runs on thursdays (21.00 EEST), and
re-runs on saturdays (18.00 EEST).

I'm watching in the Oulu region via DVB-C (OPOY/3KTV). I'm using
Gentoo, and vdr 1.4.6, with bigpatch, and subtitles 0.4.0. The newest
vdr is not in Gentoo yet (we

Ville Aakko - ville.aakko at gmail.com

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