[vdr] Improving quality of xvideo output for vdr-sxfe

Rob Davis rob.davis at libero.it
Sun Sep 30 17:35:00 CEST 2007

I know this is slightly of topic but I am not sure where else to turn.

I am using the binary drivers from nidia on a GeForce 5500 graphics
card.  I have two cables plugged into it, one dvi to vga adapter which
is plugged into my flat panel tv then other a normal vga cable plugged
into a flat panel screen.  Both screens are mirrored on 1280x1024.

The effect I have is that overlay XV displays appear to cut and tear in
both mplayer and vdr-sfxe.

If I use the xvmc driver then I don't get a video overlay (ie, no menus)
although the quality is much better.

There are no strange options that I can see if xorg.conf.

Can anyone recommend anything I can try?

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