[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.5.17 - release candidate 2

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Mar 2 11:32:24 CET 2008

VDR developer version 1.5.17 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous developer version is available at



The originally planned release of version 1.6.0 has been postponed,
because there have been a few small changes that need to be properly
tested first.
Please report any bugs as soon as possible.

If nothing unexpected happens, I plan to release version 1.6.0 on March 9.

The following translation files still have untranslated texts:


It would be nice if somebody could finish these before the 1.6.0 release.
To avoid duplicate work, please announce your activity here in this thread.


This is a *developer* version. Even though *I* use it in my productive
environment, I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
conditions and for testing and debugging.

The changes since version 1.5.16:

- Updated the Swedish OSD texts (thanks to Tomas Berglund).
- Made the 'pic2mpg' script of the 'pictures' plugin work with uppercase filename
  extensions and relative paths (thanks to Stefan Wagner for reporting this one).
- Updated the Romanian OSD texts (thanks to Lucian Muresan).
- Updated the Dutch OSD texts (thanks to Johan Schuring).
- Stripping control codes 0x86 and 0x87 from SI strings.
- Updated French language texts (thanks to Jean-Claude Repetto).
- Fixed handling 3 and 4 byte UTF-8 symbols in Utf8CharGet() (thanks to Andreas
- Fixed a crash in cFreetypeFont::DrawText() if an unknown symbol is encountered
  (thanks to Tobias Grimm). Unknown symbols are replaced with a '?'.
- Updated the Slovenian OSD texts (thanks to Matjaz Thaler).
- Updated the Czech OSD texts (thanks to Vladimír Bárta and Jiri Dobry).
- Updated the Turkish OSD texts (thanks to Oktay Yolgeçen).
- The 'plugins' target in the Makefile now returns an error exit code if one of the
  plugins failed to compile (suggested by Tobias Grimm).
- Rendering the non-breaking space symbol as a blank (thanks to Tobias Grimm).
- Changed the default character set for SI data from ISO6937 (as required by the DVB
  standard ETSI EN 300 468) to ISO-8859-9, in order to work around the stupidity of
  some providers, who actually use ISO-8859-9, but fail to correctly announce that.

*When reporting problems, please don't reply to this message!*
Create a new thread instead, using a descriptive subject!

Have fun!


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