[vdr] newest chipset AMD 780G for home-cinema

Igor goga777 at bk.ru
Sun Mar 16 18:24:27 CET 2008


several questions.
Which CPU and TV do you have ? Which CPU's load do you have ?
What's name you motherboard ?
How much RAM do you have ?
Are you watching the hdtv dvb-s2 channels by hdmi video-output, what about playing of hdtv files ? 


> I know, I'm already running vdr on it. So far, it only works with AMD's 
> Catalyst driver, but 780G is up next for the radeonhd project. It's gong 
> to be very interesting to see how far they can push the performace on 
> it. And it's nice to see AMD helping the open-source community by 
> providing alsa drivers themselves. So now I have working HDMI audio as well.
> /Magnus

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