[vdr] Configuration for FullFeatured with defect tuner needed

M.Fiegert ml11 at trigfee.de
Mon Sep 1 23:51:58 CEST 2008

> > Question:
> > If I now by a second budget card (slot available), is there any way that
> > vdr would use those two budgets but not the tuner of the FF-card?
> [..]
> I have the same configuration.
> You can use the SourceCaps-patch to disable the broken card's tuner.
> An example. Lets assume that your first card is broken and that your second
> and third card can receive astra and hotbird. Then you would need to add
> the following lines to your channels.conf (after applying the SourceCaps
> patch): SourceCaps = 1 S1.0W
> SourceCaps = 2 S19.2E S13.0E
> SourceCaps = 3 S19.2E S13.0E
> You can exchange S1.0W for any other source which you can not receive.
> Hope this helps,
> Christian

Thanks a lot! I will try as soon as possible.

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