[vdr] Problem with some HD-channels.

Per Mellander per at mellander.org
Fri Sep 5 13:00:14 CEST 2008

I was running vdr-1.5.12 for quite som time, patched and with 
multiprotodrivers + CoreAVC I was able to watch HD channels on Thor 
1.0W. The thing was that when I tried to watch:


I had problem with stuttering video and glitches in sound. The sound 
glitches came every second and the video was a little bit more 
stochastic in it's behaviour.

I really wanted to be able to watch this channel because it's one of the 
'official' swedish channels ( i.e Government owned ). I thought it was 
because of lack of CPU-power, so I bought an eHD and installed vdr 
1.7.0. Everything was smooth as silk and I could watch almost all 
HD-channels without any problem. No more underpowered CPU glitches or 
crashes. Except for the SVT-channel that still had the problems noted 
above. :(

So my question is, can anyone please tell me what special kind of stream 
that SVT is using and what I can do with my installation to be able to 
watch it? It's not FTA, but maybe someone could figure it out anyway. I 
can upload a short recording if anybody want to take a look.



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