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Fri Sep 5 17:02:40 CEST 2008

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 7:38 AM, Magnus Hörlin <magnus at alefors.se> wrote:
> Of course you can fork it, and I'm sure someone eventually will, but I think
> you should regard it as a totally different project and give it some other
> name. This would lead to plugin developers having to decide which project(s)
> to support and it will probably just be a mess.
> I think VDR is Klaus's "child" and should remain so.

Woah, wait a minute here!  Nobody is suggesting to take VDR away from
Klaus!  There are clearly some good coders who want to continue
helping progress VDR along as they already have been.  The last
released VDR update (1.7.0) was made 144 days ago.  Everything people
needed from VDR before still holds except not much development has
been done and VDR hasn't moved forward.  As much as I hate to say it,
this is one of the main reasons so many users have abandoned VDR in
favor of MythTV and other software.

Again, nobody is suggesting to take VDR from Klaus.. Just simply allow
progress to be made without these huge gaps where nothing happens
where the users continue to be left in the cold while VDR continues to
be left behind.  Surely there are coders "worthy" of Klaus's 'coding
approval' and if he doesn't want to work on VDR directly, it would
still allow those that do to move forward and he can review the code
rather then write it.  Or have a dev tree and main tree.  People can
work on dev tree and what Klaus "approves" of could be adopted into
main tree.

Let's be clear... I've been a huge advocate for VDR.  I do not want to
see the project die, nor do I enjoy watching so many users abandon it.
 However, when much needed changes aren't made, what do you expect
people to do?  I can promise I didn't bring this topic up again to
cause a problem.  Only to point out that VDR is in need of help and
there must be some way to move forward.  Especially for the guys who
are ready & willing!

Best regards,

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