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Fri Sep 5 18:31:32 CEST 2008

On Fri, Sep 5, 2008 at 9:00 AM, Volker Schierz <schierz at vschierz.de> wrote:
> Every Year the same discussion!

Maybe because the problem is never resolved?

> Klaus has already pointed out his side of view for several times!

People are entitled to change their mind.  At one point he had no
interest in supporting HDTV, DVB-S2, or changing the recording format
from mpeg-pes to something people can actually use outside of VDR!

> In some kind it is a Open Project. Just take the sources and enhance them.
> If it's meanfull and well done, Klaus will surely adopt it into VDR.
> Otherwise
> you can patch the new Version with the enhancement and no one will blame you
> for that.

Ok, but we already know the relationship of developer(s)/maintainer.

> But! Coordinating such a Team is some thing that needs time, for itselfe.

Not really.  The list of main contributors isn't that long.

> But all thouse discussions,
> about the priority of a "feature" should be done befor coding starts.
> If there is a repository I strongly believe there are some people setting
> there own
> Priority, doing things they like to do. And afterwards, someone has to clean
> up the mess.

What's wrong with people setting their own development priorities,
especially if it means progress?  It would be nice for us NTSC users
to not have to patch VDR but clearly adding NTSC hasn't been a
priority for any european developer.  You miss the whole point it
seems, which is -progress-.  I hope you aren't suggesting that
improving software, making it more robust, and making it more useful
to more people is a bad thing!

Also, clean up what mess?  Do you think VDR's contributors are just a
bunch of lamed coders writing lamed code?

> I did not always agree with Klaus and his task list but! Show me some peace
> of software
> in that dimension that works such stable if it is declared to be stable.

You can't possibly think that all software using an open-dev
environment is unstable garbage!!  The linux kernel seems to manage.
DVB drivers seem to manage.  Countless software seems to manage just

> P.S.: Let them check out MythTV or something else. We'll welcome them soon.
> And if not? So what?

How far do you think that attitude will take you?  Do you really have
no care at all for the VDR users.  People, like myself, who have been
dedicated VDR users for many years now.  Are you going to tell me too
bad and that I should just install MythTV instead?  When VDR progress
is painfully slow or stopped, how does VDR or the users benefit by
this?  When VDR doesn't support things that are average/standard/etc.,
how does VDR or the users benefit by this?

I will NOT apologize for wanting VDR to continue to grow, get better,
become more useful, and at least stay in line with the current times.
I will NOT apologize for being disappointed to see so many users
abandon VDR due to lack of needed features.  I have used VDR for many
years and have helped many new people to dvb get their VDR systems
running.  I completely appreciate the work of Klaus and everyone else
thats contributed to its development and I will not be sorry for
wanting it to continue forward!!

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