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Magnus Hörlin magnus at alefors.se
Sat Sep 6 11:20:39 CEST 2008

Davide Cavalca wrote:
> Il giorno sab, 06/09/2008 alle 02.58 +0200, syrius.ml at no-log.org ha
> scritto:
>> but vdr has not evolved for years !
>> no real new features, it's still meant to be used with one ff dvb-s
>> card. there's a plugin interface but most of the time you don't want
>> to hear about bugs when somebody is using a plugin.
>> what's the point then ?
>> And, what about this blackmail thing ?
>> Wouldn't it be simpler to say "i don't have time anymore, my needs won't
>> evolve and i don't want to code features i won't use, please carry on !" ?
> I'm neither Klaus not a regular of this list, but I think you're not
> being fair here: Klaus has every right to say he won't develop on a
> community tree; it is, after all, his own free time. BTW, if I remember
> well, Klaus has coded several features (i.e. subtitles) he himself said
> he didn't use. 
> Like it or not, VDR is a "cathedral"-style project: this has led to
> higher code quality and very good stability, at the expense of a slower
> development pace and the lack of some bleeding-edge features in the
> mainline. If you want those features, you can use a patch posted on this
> list (e.g. for hdtv, sourcecaps) or use a plugin (e.g. for teletext
> subtitles). Many distributions include those patches or provide a way
> for the user to easily appy them. Of course, you're also free to develop
> your own patches for new features: if they're good enough, I'm sure
> they'll eventually find their way into the mainline, as it happened,
> e.g., with the shutdown handling rewrite some time ago.
> You say you want to fork it: what would you accomplish with that? It's
> not as if the code would magically write itself. I've yet to see a
> single prospective developer say "if it were forked I'd write X". (And,
> BTW, there's nothing forbidding him to write X in form of a patch and
> post it on this list.) On the other hand, by forking you'd probably lose
> Klaus, who has written by himself the majority of VDR code and knows it
> like no one else.
> Finally, I personally fail to see why people switching to MythTV is a
> bad thing; VDR is not a religion, I think everyone should use whichever
> software he thinks suits best his needs. I'm very happy with VDR and
> won't be switching anytime soon.
> Davide
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Couldn't have said it better. Spot on. I think the majority of long-time 
users like myself feels exactly the same way. Years ago I tried both 
Myth and VDR and the choice of VDR was easy for me then. If it would 
have been today maybe it would have a different outcome but so what? To 
have to choose between to good thing is't that bad, is it? I have helped 
at least 20 (mostly non-linux users) people set up their own VDR-boxes 
and everybody loves it.
/Magnus Hörlin

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