[vdr] VDR Development

Laz laz at club-burniston.co.uk
Sat Sep 6 13:47:21 CEST 2008

On Saturday 06 September 2008 11:34:30 kafifi wrote:
> FULLACK Carsten and Davide.
> Klaus,
> Thanks a lot for your great job.
> Good news to hear that development will "restart" soon ;-)

Ditto on all the above!

I have been using vdr "full time" since about 2002. It suits my needs as a 
set-top-box rather than an all-singing all-dancing media-centre application 
(if need be, I can use plugins such as softplay or mplayer for playing back 
avis, etc. but that very rarely happens!). I have toyed with mythtv at times 
and it was a nightmare to set up and it only had very flakey DVB support at 
the time.

I have always been impressed with the quality of the source code for vdr. It's 
the first proper C++ application I've had course to look through in any 
detail (many, many years of pure C behind me, though!) and I've pretty much 
learned all of the C++ I know from Klaus's well-laid out source code!


Many projects I've used over the years which I've built from CVS source are 
often broken spectacularly. By contrast, Klaus's development versions are 
usually pretty rock-solid. Any bugs can be quickly ironed out because Klaus 
knows _all_ that has been changed without having to backtrack through 
revision logs including changes from various coding styles!

If a new feature is needed, a lot can be achieved with plugins, or create a 
patch and forward on to Klaus and the list. I'm sure Klaus takes on board all 
suggestions and - seeing as it is a hobby - will get to stuff eventually.

I will not be leaving vdr any time soon!




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