[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] VDR developer version 1.7.1

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Sep 7 12:11:35 CEST 2008

VDR developer version 1.7.1 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous version is available at



This is a *developer* version. Even though *I* use it in my productive
environment, I strongly recommend that you only use it under controlled
conditions and for testing and debugging.

This version marks the first step towards using TS (Transport Stream) as
recording format. It does this by switching the Transfer Mode to TS and
introducing all the necessary cDevice and cPlayer functions to handle TS.
Actual recording is still done in PES, though.
This should provide a reasonable developing and testing environment for
HDTV device plugins to prepare for replaying TS.

There appears to be a problem with replaying the payload from TS packets
on Full-Featured DVB cards. On some channels this works rather fine (with
only very small glitches from time to time), while on other channels there
are heavy glitches and sometimes even the audio goes mute.
My initial approach to replaying TS on FF cards was to simply strip the
TS header and send the payload to the usual PlayVideo() and PlayAudio()
functions, since the driver itself examines the data and assembles the
2KB PES packets it sends to the hardware. Since the FF cards can replay
the TS data as it comes in from the transponder, my assumption was that
the same should be possible in Transfer Mode.
But maybe there is something wrong with this assumption?
Could this be a driver problem?
I don't think that simply "throwing memory" at the problem is the solution.
Any thoughts?

The changes since version 1.7.0:

- Adapted the tuning code to the new DVBFE_SET_DELSYS API (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
   VDR now uses the driver from http://jusst.de/hg/multiproto_plus.
- Updated the Italian OSD texts (thanks to Diego Pierotto).
- Removed obsolete $(NCURSESLIB) from the Makefile.
- Implemented handling the standard component descriptor for AC3 (stream=4), as it
   will soon be used by the German ARD channels (thanks to Michael Pennewiß for
   advance information about this change). The previously used "Premiere pseudo
   standard" (stream=2, type=5) still works, but has apparently been wrongfully used
   by broadcasters from the beginning.
- Added missing description of the 'S' channel parameter to vdr.5 (reported by
   Reinhard Nissl).
- The SVDRP signon message now indicates the character encoding in use, as in
   "220 video SVDRP VideoDiskRecorder 1.7.1; Fri May  2 16:17:10 2008; ISO-8859-1".
   This may be useful for instance for external tools that provide EPG data, so that
   they can correctly encode the strings.
- No longer calling FcFini() to avoid problems with older (broken) versions of
   fontconfig (suggested by Edgar Toernig).
- Removed the compile time option VFAT to allow users of precompiled binary
   distributions to have full control over whether or not to use the --vfat option
   at runtime (suggested by Michael Nork).
- First step towards switching to TS (Transport Stream) as recording format:
   + The new function cDevice::PlayTs() is used to play TS packets.
   + The new functions cDevice::PlayTsVideo() and cDevice::PlayTsAudio()
     are used to play video and audio TS packets, respectively.
   + The new function cAudio::PlayTs() is used to play audio TS packets.
   + The new class cPatPmtGenerator is used to generate a PAT/PMT pair that precedes
     the TS data in Transfer Mode.
   + The new class cPatPmtParser is used by cDevice to parse the PAT/PMT data in a
     TS in order to find out which streams it contains.
   + The new class cTsToPes is used to convert TS packets to a PES packet.
   + cTransfer no longer uses cRemux, and doesn't run a separate thread any more.
     It just generates a PAT/PMT and sends all received TS packets to the primary
     device's PlayTs().
   + Live subtitle display no longer uses a ring buffer and separate thread.
   + cPesAssembler has been removed. Old VDR recordings only contain complete PES
   + Since a TS needs to have a PAT/PMT, which requires the video stream type to
     be explicitly given, the format of the VPID field in the channels.conf file
     and the SVDRP commands NEWC/MODC/LSTC has been extended. The video stream type
     now follows the VPID and optional PPID, separated by an '=' sign.
- Updated the sources.conf file (thanks to Oleg Roitburd).
- Fixed a possible integer overflow in GetAbsTime() (thanks to Alexander Rieger).
- Fixed a problem with calling isyslog() from within the SignalHandler() (thanks
   to Udo Richter).
- Replaced the Finnish language code "smi" with "suo" (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Fixed wrong value for TableIdBAT in libsi/si.h (thanks to Winfried Köhler).
- Errors in config files no longer keep VDR from starting.
- Removed unneeded include files <linux/dvb/dmx.h> und <time.h> from remux.h
   (reported by Tobias Grimm).

Have fun!


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