[vdr] VDR Development

VDR User user.vdr at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 16:39:20 CEST 2008

Glad to see some discussion taking place here..  It's quite funny some
people think hdtv, h264, and other standard or
quickly-becoming-standard things are "bleeding edge".  You've got to
be kidding!  Also, to put it simply, it's ignorant to think there's
nothing wrong.  When many VDR users are abandoning the software for
other more capable options, why do you think that is?  Because it
lacks support for -current needs-, and for that matter lacks support
for even some of the most basic stuff!  You can bash MythTV all you
want but it doesn't change the fact that people are leaving VDR in
favor of it.  I agree that MythTV is big, poorly designed in some
respects, and generally a pain to get running...but that obviously
isn't stopping people.

Stability is a great thing to have, but so is support for basic needs.
 And where is the rule that says you can't have both?  Just like code
is improved, so can the processes which generate the code and bring it
together.  It seems like some are taking this discussion as an attack
on Klaus and that is NOT the case.  It's absurd this has to be pointed
out -again- but the intentions are only to improve VDR's development,
features (even some of the most basic), and ensure that VDR will not
become obsolete because it isn't keeping pace with the rest of the
world.  Ignoring basic needs simply because they don't apply to "you"
isn't exactly the picture of great design or development now is it?
The 'as long as it works here, everyone else can stay in the cold'
attitude has never resulted in anything positive.  Nobody should ever
say sorry for the idea of taking a good product and making it better!

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