[vdr] Build plugin with different headers then in VDR distribution

Dieter Hametner dh+vdr at gekrumbel.de
Mon Sep 8 12:57:36 CEST 2008


On Monday, 8. September 2008 Michael Stepanov wrote:
> Thanks a lot, Clemens, for your reply. This is my mistake that I didn't
> explain clearly what actually I need. I use LinuxMCE (http://linuxmce.com)
> with integrated VDR 1.6.0. I have just VDR headers and binary. So, I can
> easily build any plugins which have debian patch using dpkg-buildpackage.
> In that case the plugins work fine. But for those which don't have that
> there is an only one way to build them using common way - make plugins from
> the VDR source directory. So, I think I can make a symlink to patched
> headers in the $VDR_SORUCE/include/vdr and theoretically it should work.

I started my contribution to the development of the LIVE plugin without 
installed vdr sources.

I installed the "vdr-dev" package from e-tobi debian repository and used 
the following script to build the binary of the plugin.

'libvdr-live.so.1.6.0' is created in the .libs subdirectory then. Of course 
the binary had to be copied into the right installation path afterwards.

# check if this are live sources 
# (there is an extra live subdir in the sources)
[ -d live ] || exit 0

mkdir -p .libs
VDRDIR=/usr/include/vdr LIBDIR=.libs make $*

Kind regards
Dieter Hametner

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