[vdr] Problem with v1.6.0 and two DBS-S cards

Stefan-W. Hahn info at s-hahn.de
Mon Sep 15 21:48:07 CEST 2008


yesterday I switched my VDR from v1.4.1 to v1.6.0 on a debian system.
I'm running two DVB-S cards (Nexus FF and Nova). The update was
without any problem.

But today I found a problem:
When recording on one program I can view at the same time just the
channels of the same bouquet but no other ones (two cards!!).  But
recording simultaniously on two different bouquets works.

With v1.4.1 there was no problem in recording one channel and
switching to all other channels.

I didn't find any hint on the mailinglist or vdr-portal about this
problem. Is there any other having the same problem?

Are there any hints how to solve this problem?


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