[vdr] vdr 1.7.0 + reelbox plugin problem

Josce josce at welho.com
Sat Sep 20 20:59:19 CEST 2008

>Have a look at the hdtsplay-demo in the hdshm3-folder. It is a simple demo
>that plays back TS files over the DeCypher. If that works, your basic driver
>setup (+ the HW) is OK, and something in the vdr (or the patches) itself
>is wrong.

Playing back a ts file with hdtsplay is actually even worse.
I am using a patched hdshm.c file that I downloaded.
The one in the reelbox SVN testing used 'pci_get_device_reverse',
which I think has been removed from the newer kernels.

I will SVN a completely fresh reelbox tommorrow and see if
maybe I have made some mistakes when installing the drivers.


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