[vdr] only single channel handled by CAM and no teletext on encrypted channels.

Simon Siemonsma simon at siemonsma.name
Sun Sep 21 15:06:27 CEST 2008

Distribution:	Gentoo (amd64)
vdr version:  1.6.0_p2
single card Technotrend budget T1500 with CI cart.
CAM: Conax cam by Smit.

Output on OSD:
7 Setup -> 5 CAM -> 1 Conax Conditional Access -> 9 About Conax CA
Number of sessions: 5

Output of cat /var/log/messages | grep vdr | grep CAM:
[20686] CAM 1: assigned to device 1
[21000] CAM 1: module present
[21000] CAM 1: module ready
[21000] CAM 1: Conax Conditional Access, 01, CAFE, BABE
[21000] CAM 1: doesn't reply to QUERY - only a single channel can be decrypted

To me this doesn't look correct.
5 sessions according to the CAM menu and only a single channel can be 
I saw something on the mailinglist dated april. However I didn't understand 
how it was solved. Probable because there was also another problem.

Further I note that I don't have teletext on encripted channels. On FTA 
channels it works fine.

Has anybody an idea what is going on and how I can solve it.

Simon Siemonsma

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