[vdr] Any really working HD video output systems for VDR?

Vesa vesa-s at nic.fi
Thu Jun 4 21:11:59 CEST 2009


so far I have tested and looked different solutions for VDR video output 
and it seems that there is no working solutions just now. Only good 
solution seems to stay on SD video with vdr 1.6.0 and use old FF card as 
analog output.

List of non-working solutions:

Xine and it's variants: problems with stability, problems with FF/FR.

Softdevice: huge need of CPU for HD

XBMC: not ready for anything

Reelbox EHD: hw works, AV signal quality is ok, but dvb susbtile timing 
not. Also issues with replaying recordings, FF/FR and jump works with 
loooooooooooooooooooon delay

Summary: current VDR seems to be quit unusable for anything due lack of 
working HD video/audio output.

Working video/audio output means these items:

-Video is played with original resolution or scaled with good quality
-No drobbed/dublicated frames, frame to frame played as it is
-Video in digital format (HDMI or DVI)
-Audio played as it is and in _sync_ with video. No delays, no lipsync 
issues etc.
-Audio in digital format (SPDIF or HDMI)
-AC3 plays also with out issues like lipsync missed by 10 frames
-FF/FR works as it should on recordings
-It do not crash

Any plans on anyone to reach this reasonable reguest level of quality?

Regards, Vesa


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