[vdr] need help with GOTOX patch.

Ales Jurik ajurik at quick.cz
Tue Jun 9 19:13:28 CEST 2009

On Tuesday 09 of June 2009, Goga777 wrote:
> > The patch send this command only when satellite is changing.
> is it possible to have a look in vdr logs on that disecs commands ?
> >You should also use it for motor behind diseqc switch. The next example is
> > for 4-input diseqc switch which has diseqc motor connected to input 4.
> did LNB connect to the output of motor ?
Yes. I'm using this configuration for nearly 3 years without problem.
> > Please be sure that in
> > such way your dvb card will not be overloaded with output current (you
> > should use motor which disconnect LNB when moving
> hmm. I didn't know about that feature of motors. Which motors do you mean ?
Nothing special, it was only my idea ;) . But if the consumption of moving 
motor is under 200mA with starting current under 400mA it could be sufficient.

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