[vdr] vdr-api: how to check if VDR is up?

Christian Wieninger cwieninger at gmx.de
Mon Jun 15 09:12:10 CEST 2009


thanks Klaus, this works like a charm :)


Klaus Schmidinger schrieb:
> On 06/08/09 08:59, Christian Wieninger wrote:
>> Hi,
>> the epgsearch plugin handles some tasks as separate threads, that also 
>> use SVDRP to talk to VDR. Currently these threads are started after a 
>> fixed time (e.g. 20s) to give VDR the time to start up.
>> A user reported that epgsearch fails in SVDRP communication, because VDR 
>> was still waiting for its devices (and therefore is not yet ready to 
>> accept SVDRP connections):
>> Jun  3 20:07:40 vdr vdr: [3466] not all devices ready after 30 seconds
>> These 30 seconds are only defined in vdr.c and are therefore 'invisible' 
>> to plugins. So I'm looking for 'clean' way to check if VDR is up and ready.
>> Of course, one could do any SVDRP command, e.g. 'help', and check the 
>> result, but thats quite cumbersome.
>> Next idea: use cPlugin::Housekeeping() to signal the threads that VDR is 
>> idle now after startup. This works, but sometimes takes up to >90s.
>> Any idea how to get a better solution?
> You could implement cPlugin::MainThreadHook(), which is called at the
> end of the main loop.
> Klaus
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