[vdr] Recommendation for new hd vdr system.

Mika Laitio lamikr at pilppa.org
Sat Jan 2 23:49:03 CET 2010

> Have you compiled vdr-xineliboutput with --enable-vdpau ?
> what does ./configure show and are you using xine-lib-1.2 HG with vdpau patch?

xineliboutput configure shows vdpau in the list of enabled features but 
command "vdr-sxfe -help" does not list vdaup

Available video drivers: xv raw SyncFB opengl xshm none xxmc fb xvmc
Available audio drivers: alsa oss file none

I have not build xine or vdpau libraries myself and are instead just using 
the mandriva 2010 ones. (backported version from vdapu thought)

[lamikr at localhost ~]$ rpm -qa | grep vdpau
[lamikr at localhost ~]$ rpm -qa | grep xine

So would this xine version be new enough if I just patch the rpm with 
patch from somewhere or do I need to download the sources for newer xine 


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