[vdr] xine vdpau not working?

Steffen Barszus st_barszus at gmx.de
Sun Jan 10 10:30:05 CET 2010

Am 10.01.2010 09:38, schrieb Jiri Dobry:
> Hello,
> xine-lib must be patched, patch for this you can found on xine plug in
> directory.
> It add connection between vdr&xine
> Except this xineliboutput plug in with external frontend (vdr-sxfe
> included in this plugin) it more useful a don't have problems with
> jumping on video&sound.
> I have another problem when ANY version of xine&VDPAU drop video frames.
> Some HW is better, some is worst. It happen when PC is under heavy load
> (example compilation on background).
> run xine (vdr-sxfe) with "nice -n -20" help little bit but problem still
> exist.
> Worst situation is HD 1080i video on integrated Nv6300, it drop around
> 90% of frames.
This chipset does not support any vdpau ... see

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