[vdr] A few things about DVB subtitles

Petri Helin phelin at googlemail.com
Wed Jan 13 01:31:05 CET 2010


Although the support for DVB subtitles is more than satisfactory at the 
moment, I still have a few things I'd like see handled in a better way:

1. Pausing. At the monet the subtitles will disappear like in a live 
view - meaning that VDR seems to adhere the life time assignened to a 
subtitle image though the replay has been paused, causing the subtitles 
to disappear.

2. Backward jumping. When I jump backward, for example for 20 seconds, 
it will take quite a long time until the first subtitle is shown. Quite 
a many times this will end up in a rush of subtitles being presented 
very very quickly until the normal flow is reached.

For us living and dealing with subtitled broadcasts this is a "major" 
issue. Which means that if these things could be fixed, VDR would be 
much more user friendly.

I don't know where this behaviour originates, but I use xineliboutput as 
the output device.


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