[vdr] VDR crashes while recording a high bandwith channel

Manuel Reimer Manuel.Reimer at gmx.de
Sun Jan 17 15:48:14 CET 2010

Udo Richter wrote:
> The PES-based VDR-1.6 also has trouble when recording from high
> bandwidth channels. It doesn't crash though, it just has slow OSD,
> juddery playback and partially broken recordings.
> And by the way: The recording interface has always been fetching the TV
> stream in TS format. Only playback was using PES.

And the switch to TS playback can't be the reason, why the card now seems to have higher load?

> To avoid this, either switch to a lower bandwidth channel that is fed
> from a budget card, or start a recording playback and go to pause. That
> way the bandwidth should be low enough.

Only one card in this system.

> A nice workaround would be a plugin that does this automatically as soom
> as the FF device tries to record and playback high bandwidth channels at
> the same time.

... maybe this could get part of the new dvbsddevice plugin, already in the VDR source? Of course, this feature would have to be configurable and disabled by default, but IMHO this is the right place for this feature.


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