[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-webvideo 0.2.0

Diego Pierotto vdr_mlist at tiscali.it
Sun Jan 17 21:46:29 CET 2010

Il 17/01/2010 21:22, Antti Ajanki ha scritto:
> New version of the Webvideo plugin is available at
> http://users.tkk.fi/~aajanki/vdr/webvideo/
> The Webvideo plugin is a tool for browsing and downloading videos from
> popular video sharing websites, such as YouTube and Google video, using
> VDR menu interface or a command line client. With the help of the
> xineliboutput plugin the videos can be played directly without
> downloading them first.
> Changes:
> 2010-01-17: Version 0.2.0
> - The daemon is replaced by Python library with C bindings. This
>   simplifies the invocation of the VDR plugin and the command line
>   client.
> - New video service: Vimeo
> - Re-added support for YLE Areena (requires rtmpdump-yle from
>   http://users.tkk.fi/~aajanki/rtmpdump-yle/index.html).
> - Youtube: using the official API (except for video pages), this
>   should mean less breakage in the future. Various improvements on
>   the menus.
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Hi, i really appreciate your work.

I wanna ask if is possible to keep trace of search items. I explain it
better: for example i wanna download a daily tv series from YouTube and
each day i need to write the same "search criteria" but if there i a
remember search item (automatic) or save the search item (manual) i
avoid to repeat this task each day.

Can be this possible? Or this function is already implemented and i
missed something?

Thanks in advance,

Member of the Italian VDR Wiki

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