[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-webvideo 0.2.0 - little patch to makefile of libwebvi

Antti Ajanki antti.ajanki at iki.fi
Tue Jan 26 18:41:56 CET 2010

Thanks for the Makefile patch. I'll include it to the next release.

Lucian Muresan wrote:
> I also have some other feedback to the author:
> How could other sites like http://plus7.arte.tv or the "Mediathek" of
> ZDF or 3sat be added to the templates?

One would need to create XSLT templates that take the pages from the
website as input, extract URLS of video streams and links, and output
them in the format understood by the plugin. There is (quite minimal)
documentation in doc/xslt, but it may actually be easier to see existing
templates, for example youtube.

I am willing to add support for more video sites to the package if
somebody contributes working templates.

> Is it possible to to implement that the plugin's OSD "remembers" where
> it was left when last accessed in the current VDR "session"? It's a bit
> tedious to navigate through all menus again and again.

You can use the green "forward" button to quickly follow the latest
navigation path.

> If a search did not give the desired results, it would be useful if a
> new attempt would still hold the old search keywords to be able to
> slightly modify them instead of "typing" them again.

Yes, I agree that it should remember the entered text. The command line
client actually already does this, just the VDR plugin is still missing
the functionality.

> Otherwise, really nice and interesting plugin which actually works with
> youtube, unlike the ones I've tried with XBMC where they crash all the
> time...
> BTW, how does it handle multiple quality versions of youtube videos,
> does it pick "HD" or "HQ" by itself?

It downloads the best available quality. I'm planning to make this
configurable so that if you have a slow connection you might want to get
the low quality version always, or you might want to download HQ but
stream in LQ.


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