[vdr] recording teletext (like for subtitles...)

Juergen Lock vdr-l at jelal.kn-bremen.de
Sat Jul 10 23:04:00 CEST 2010


 As some of you might have seen when browsing my


page and the threads I linked, I also have made a hack to make vdr
1.7.15 timers include teletext in the ts recordings, maybe this is
useful as a first start to properly implement that feature.  I'll
just quote the relevant part from this posting:



- And something completely different:  make vdr timers also record
  teletext; this came up on irc too and is mostly useful for subtitles
  transmitted that way - the osdteletext plugin doesnt seem to
  display them on playback but you can point e.g. vlc at the recorded
  .ts file below /video and click on the teletext icon in the bottom
  left - or use projectx to process subtitles including turning
  them into .sub files or just remux the .ts to make projectx add
  subtitle pagenumbers and correct(?) the teletext language because
  neither that nor the pmt pid are currently in the channels.conf
  so the patch just `guesses' by simply using the language of the
  first audio track.  vlc at least doesn't seem to care much tho,
  it still displayed TV Polonia's teletext the same even when forcing
  the teletext language in the recorded pmt to german.  And fwiw,
  osdteletext didn't want to display the teletext of neither
  TV Polonia nor of the french versions of arte (maybe because of
  different encoding?), and vlc pointed at TV Polonia via streamdev
  got a wrong teletext start page.  (164 instead of 100, for some
  reason dvbsnoop -pd 9 -s ts -tssubdecode -if ... didn't want to
  decode the pmt of a streamdev recording from there...)




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