[vdr] xineliboutput problem on new fedora 13 install

Torgeir Veimo torgeir at netenviron.com
Tue Jul 20 09:27:42 CEST 2010

On 20 July 2010 03:49, Torgeir Veimo <torgeir at netenviron.com> wrote:
> Yes I saw that startup failed if xrender was available, but hud was
> not in use, but I've got the latest CVS updates, and it still doesn't
> work.
> On 20 July 2010 03:40, Halim Sahin <halim.sahin at t-online.de> wrote:
>> hi,
>> Are you using the hud osd?
>> If not, try the latest snapshot from cvs.
>> Last commit says:
>> Fixed startup when not using HUD OSD

Got it working in the end, but now I've got bad stuttering during
playback. It's as if xinelib/vdpau doesn't know that the playback
buffer is empty, and doesn't send any more pictures to the graphics
card. It sort of recovers every other second, only to halt playback
again, with audio repeating.

Strangely, using vdr-sxfe works as usual.


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