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Fri Jul 30 03:17:57 CEST 2010

... With a PC running Linux and a recent VGA card, you can emit a real
digital TV signal in the VHF band to your DVB-T set-top box.
DVB-T emitters are usually very expensive professional devices. Now
with a standard PC you can broadcast real DVB-T channels !

If you are only able to to transmit over one selected Frequency, but
you can stream multiple channels together, you could drive a few SD
tvs with built-in dvb-T receivers (modern tvs). I guess HD would limit
it. This could be just another alternative. Infra Red would have to be
dealt in a different manner.

This could save on cables running through the house, by daisy chaining
your coax cable like the older TVs. Ideal for content that is already
in mpeg2-ts.


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