[vdr] SVDRP Port

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at tvdr.de
Thu Mar 4 23:08:47 CET 2010

On 04.03.2010 12:44, Christian Tramnitz wrote:
> The current SVDRP Port 2001 is being used for several years now, but
> unfortunately it has never been registered with IANA.
> As such it does not show up in /etc/services and there is no name
> resolution for it, i.e. when starting a tcpdump.
> While this is not a major issue I'd prefer to register an "official"
> port with IANA to avoid port conflicts in the future.
> I already checked with them, but port 2001 is already registered to
> another service, so doing this we would get a new port number. Since
> this is freely configurable in vdr (and most plugins/extensions that
> rely on it) I do not see an issue with that.
> Any comments/ objections?

I like port 2001 - why stir this up and cause turmoil amoung all
those who have been using the default port for so long?

What are services "dc" and "wizard", anyway?


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