[vdr] SVDRP Port

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Sat Mar 6 12:43:19 CET 2010

Am 04.03.2010 13:00, schrieb Theunis Potgieter:
> On 4 March 2010 13:44, Christian Tramnitz <chris.ace at gmx.net> wrote:
>> The current SVDRP Port 2001 is being used for several years now, but
>> unfortunately it has never been registered with IANA.
> that can't be fixed in a few minutes. Would this then imply that
> plug-ins like streamdev (network plug-ins) should also register?

My VDR machine currently opens these ports:

2001    dc             (SVDRP)
2002    globe          (remote-telnet, user-assigned)
2004    mailbox        (streamdev VTP)
2010    search         (osd-server)
3000    remoteware-cl  (streamdev HTTP)
8008    http-alt       (live-plugin)
37890   (unassigned)   (xineliboutput)

I'm sure that's not anywhere near all the ports that are used by VDR and
various plugins. Would be a lot to register IMHO.



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