[vdr] xmltv2vdr genre info added

william kc at cobradevil.org
Sun Mar 7 18:43:42 CET 2010

Hello all

I have used the xmltv2vdr script before and was very pleased to see that 
it added the extended information into the epg database.
Now i'm using xbmc and i did not have genre support from my broadcaster 
so i thought this should be possible with the xmltv2vdr script.

I have been hacking around and the result: 

Could someone please review it because i'm not a programmer?

just follow the readme and look into the genres.conf file.
my xmltv source has the category option which represents the genre info.

then run:
./xmltv2vdr -c channels.conf -g -x xmltv_data -s

the output should look like this:
E 36930 1268352000 3300 0
T Miami Ink: Sink or swim
D Reportageserie Garver ontwerpt voor Cassandra een uniek gedenkteken 
ter ere van haar broer die is omgekomen in Irak, en Yoji spijbelt om 
samen met zijn gezin in het zwembad te ontspannen.
G 90

The G option represents the id of the genre which i took from the 
epg.h/c files.

Is the maintainer still around?

With kind regards


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