[vdr] XBMC with vdr-1.6.0 ??

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On 09/03/10 15:12, Simon Baxter wrote:
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>> One way thats been suggested before, and which I use, is to put xbmc and
>> vdr-xine in a while loop inside a bash shell script and set up a
>> button to
>> stop vdr-xine, and a menu option in xbmc to close it down.  If you search
>> this thread you should find some info, if not I can post my stuff.
>> -- 
>> Scott
> Thanks Scott.  Yes please, would like to see how you've implemeted it.
> I found a number of threads and have achieved the following:
> * added a script (vdr.py) under the My Scripts which calls the xine
> frontend.  But this flags an error "Errors in system config" or similar,
> launches xine but closes xbmc at the back end
> http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?t=42205
> * added a phantom button on the main menu, which I'd hoped would launch
> vdr-py (lower in the above thread).  But this just crashes xmbc
> What I want to achieve is a main menu button which launches an external
> bash script, to launch xine, which keeps xbmc running in the
> background.  I currently have mms running like this and it works really
> well.  I then use the "power" button to kill xine (and turn off lirc),
> and fall back to mms.
> Thanks
> Simon

This is the script I use.  I call irexec as a window manager.  I have
two buttons, LiveTV which cycles between vdr-sxfe and xbmc and Video
which cycles between vdr-sxfe and freevo.  I also have a browser
configured and huludesktop..


Rob Davis
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