[vdr] Fw: recommended CAM settings??

master.of.brainless.things at gmx.net master.of.brainless.things at gmx.net
Mon Mar 22 12:44:22 CET 2010


some side question:
you're using this special decoder card, for 5€ per month?
or the normal standard card, as i'm using?

for what i know is that, alpha light doesn't work with the normal card.
e.g. if i want to use this normal card, i would have to buy the alpha classic module.
at least thats what everyone tolds me.

currently i'm evaluating the situation, whether i sould buy a dvb-c card (like this mystique or knc-one pci cards)
with alphacrypt classic. all in all > 100€.
but if you're using the normal card with the light module, this would decrease the costs and increase the WAF.

further on, i would be able to use the alpha light with my sony flatscreen instead the alpha classic...


 *          linux-2.6.6/drivers/net/tokenring/ibmtr.c

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