[vdr] VDR 1.7.x, FUPPES and an xbox 360 client

Denis Loh denis.loh at googlemail.com
Thu Mar 25 20:18:21 CET 2010

Hi martinez,

actually, this feature is about to come. Essentially, it was planned to 
map channels from different sources - i.e. cable, sat or terrestrial - 
to a single item. This cannot be done automatically or if so, only by 
reading the channel names.

Because DLNA requires media servers to support at least MPEG-TS and 
MPEG-PS, minidlna should support TS-streaming. Was it working with 
LiveTV and  the plugin on your XBox? This would be good to know for me.



martinez schrieb:
> Hi Denis,
> I wish I had the skills to help you with the programming but bash and 
> a bit of C is all I can manage.
> Perhaps it would be simpler (and achieve the same end) if you 
> implement a feature the plugin can read
> an alternative to channels.conf . This way in my case for example I 
> would copy and paste a few essential channels and let the plugin load 
> them but
> no way I can let it loose on a channels.conf with more than 1000 
> entries...
> About vdr recordings... 
> FUPPES chokes on my vdr folder, so does not seem to be .TS friendly
> Anybody knows if minidlna supports streaming .TS files ?
> I guess I will find out in a few hours anyways...
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> I feel sorry, that you were facing so many problems with the plugin.
> Actually, it is still very bugous and will take some time to fix them. If
> you are a programmer, feel free to help me improving it.
> I will consider your idea to include a discard-all-but channel listing
> feature. Recordings (except H.264) are supported yet in version 
> 0.0.2-alpha.
> Back to FUPPES: I haven't ever used FUPPES, so I just can say that this
> should work. But I am not sure. Try it and you will "see".
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