[vdr] vdraepg.rb not working

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Fri Mar 26 20:57:49 CET 2010

I only just recently discovered this script for copying EPG from one channel to another.

I have a couple of DVB-C cards, and use the PVRINPUT plugin to drive a PVR-500 dual analog card.

I can't get this to work though.

printchannels.pl -c /etc/vdr/vdr-1.6.0/channels.conf  gives me the channels I want to copy to/from:
ONE;T   C-182-10-1005
TV2;T   C-182-10-1006
TV3;T   C-182-0-1003
Prime TV;T      C-182-2-212
C4;T    C-182-6-609

ONE_A   C-0-112-1796
TV2_A   C-0-119-1908
TV3_A   C-0-126-2020
Prime TV_A      C-0-189-2134
C4_A    C-0-203-2135

So I put this into /vdraepg.conf :
#source-channel, target-channel, time-adjustment
C-182-10-1005, C-0-112-1796, 0 #ONE;C -> ONE_A
C-182-10-1006, C-0-119-1908, 0 #TV2;C -> TV2_A
C-182-0-1003, C-0-126-2020, 0 #TV3;C -> TV3_A
C-182-2-212, C-0-189-2134, 0 #PRIME;C -> PRIME TV_A
C-182-6-609, C-0-203-2135, 0 #C3;C -> C4_A

but when I run:
/root/bin/vdraepg.rb -s /root/bin -c /etc/vdr/vdr-1.6.0

I get these messages (which look OK):
250 EPG data processed
221 freddy.nzbaxters closing connection

But no epg data is transfered

What am I doing wrong?
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