[vdr] Any valid patch for streamdev plugin to support EAC3 for TS (France)?

Eric Valette Eric.Valette at Free.fr
Mon Mar 29 16:14:20 CEST 2010

On 03/29/2010 03:57 PM, zaverel wrote:
> Le 29/03/2010 15:31, Eric Valette a écrit :
> But maybe I'm wrong as it is so complicated to know what is aexactly 
> compilled in when specifying --enable-external-libraries.
> # External library message strings
> external_libraries_enabled="== Use of all supported external libraries 
> enabled. =="
> external_libraries_disabled="== Use of all supported external 
> libraries disabled. =="
> external_ffmpeg_enabled="== Use of external ffmpeg enabled. =="
> external_ffmpeg_disabled="== Use of external ffmpeg disabled. =="
> external_liba52_enabled="== Use of external liba52 enabled. =="
> external_liba52_disabled="== Use of external liba52 disabled. =="
> external_libdts_enabled="== Use of external libdts enabled. =="
> external_libdts_disabled="== Use of external libdts disabled. =="
> external_libass_enabled="== Use of external libass enabled. =="
> external_libass_disabled="== Use of external libass disabled. =="
> external_python_enabled="== Use of external python enabled. =="
> external_python_disabled="== Use of external python disabled. =="
> ffmpeg_vdpau_not_supported="== External ffmpeg doesn't support VDPAU. 
> VDPAU support disabled. =="
On the other hand the configure scripts also checks for libexif, 
libdvdcss and libid3tag but still produce them...

find . -name *.so
> you can also use the output of streamdev like this to test
> vlc
> or
> mplayer
Well I tried those but not locally. Will try. BTW I think channels 
numbering sheme is more complicated than that now (It used to work like 
that but now if I open a browser at and look at 
the links I have strange numbering).

-- eric

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