[vdr] Using different types of device for the same channel

Rob Davis rob at davis-family.info
Wed Mar 31 04:55:45 CEST 2010

On 30/03/10 17:23, Timothy D. Lenz wrote:
> What plugin are you using for ntsc and how are you making the
> channels.conf for ntsc? I have an HVR-1800 and the wiki says it is
> supported , but I've heard elsewhere that it isn't.

I don't think it is, as it's a dual mode card, so VDR will assume it's a
DVB card and not allow it to work with IVTV..

I use a Hauppauge PVR-500 which I got on eBay..

I have a script to generate channels.conf for PVRInput and ATSC Clear
Qam, which I'm about to publish.. Although it's a bit random.. I need to
tidy it up a little first.  It requires a kaffeine channels.dvb
(generated by w_scan as w_scan won't generate a qam vdr channels.conf),
then uses xmltv's output to find channel names and xmltv id's (for
loadepg.pl), and then finds their channels from silicondusts qam lookup
page using your zip code.

Convoluted, but seems to work.  Comcast are messing around weekly with
our channels, which is what drove me to this..

> On 3/30/2010 12:26 PM, Rob Davis wrote:
>> I don't know if I immagined it, but is there a way to get VDR to use a
>> secondary channel if the first channel is busy?
>> To give an explanation, I have multiple ways a I can receive a channel,
>> through ATSC, or through PVRINPUT or NTSC.  I would like to know if there
>> is a rollover system, if the first channel is busy, use the second, then
>> third.
>> It seems I saw something which suggested this was possible, but maybe
>> not..
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