[vdr] Strange problem with one specific channel

Magnus H magnus at alefors.se
Mon Oct 18 11:45:23 CEST 2010

I have a strange problem with a relatively new DVB-T/SD/MPEG2 channel in
Sweden. If I try to record from it all I get is a zero-byte file and VDR
restarts after the standard 30 seconds reporting the infamous "ERROR: video
data stream broken". All other channels on that mux are perfectly OK in VDR.
This specific channel plays perfectly using mplayer connecting to VDR
through streamdev's or xineliboutput's http ports. It also works perfectly
with XBMC as frontend connecting to VDR through the vnsi plugin. Using my
standard output plugin xineliboutput with vdr-sxfe as frontend, it normally
plays for about a second and then video freezes but audio continues.
Given Klaus's track record, I guess that the problem is not in VDR but in
the stream itself. I'm not an expert in analyzing mpeg streams so I wonder
if anyone out there could suggest a tool to use to debug this. If anybody is
interested in helping me out I'd be glad to provide a small clip recorded
through streamdev that plays perfectly in mplayer. I currently use cron jobs
to record this channel using mplayer's dumpstream on streamdev's ts output,
which feels a bit too old-school in the long run.
The above applies for a standard unpatched VDR 1.7.16, even without starting
any plugins. VDR simply won't record it.

Thankful for any help.
/Longtime VDR fan, Magnus H

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