[vdr] vdr <-> vdr-xine <-> xine-lib and vdpau and HD recordings

Joerg Riechardt J.Riechardt at gmx.de
Fri Apr 1 15:16:55 CEST 2011

Am 31.03.2011 17:27, schrieb Joerg Riechardt:
> Hi,
> I have a problem with skipping during a replay of a HD recording.
> Running xine --verbose=2 I see after pressing the yellow button (skip
> +60 sec) lots of
> video_out: throwing away image with pts xxxxxxx because it's too old
> (diff : yyyyy)
> messages.
> This is for a few seconds or forever, depending on system load, and
> causes 100% Cpu, and spoils recordings on my slow system. On faster
> systems you will hardly notice this.
> If I patch cDvbPlayer::SkipSeconds with
> - readIndex = Index - 1; // Action() will first increment it!
> + readIndex = Index; // Index - 1 causes problems in xine
> I no longer get those „throwing away image“ messages and the Cpu peak is
> only short and not that high.
> This happens also for starting a replay and for resuming replay after
> fast forward, but for those I have no vdr patch.

Well, for fast forward I do have a patch now, which is similar to the above:
-     readIndex = ptsIndex.FindIndex(DeviceGetSTC()) - 1;  // Action() 
will first increment it!
+     readIndex = ptsIndex.FindIndex(DeviceGetSTC());  // -1 causes 
problems in xine

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