[vdr] ATSC Channel providers California (now OREGON

Simon Baxter linuxtv at nzbaxters.com
Sat Apr 9 21:52:58 CEST 2011

>> From what I've read Comcast uses two levels of encryption, a basic one
>> for tier one channels (extended basic in marketing terms) then a more 
>> comprehensive key encryption for their digital preferred channels.
>> I use a combination of two set top boxes, a PVR HD for HD channels and a 
>> PVR500 for SD channels, and two Clear Qam adapters for locals.
>> The Clear Qam are very good quality MPEG 2 HD or SD streams with AC3 
>> audio, the PVR500 is reasonable, but one my boxes has interference on the 
>> svideo output.
>> The HD-PVR is really good, giving an H264 with AC-3 passthrough TS 
>> stream. However, every now and then the cable box glitches and the HD-PVR 
>> stops streaming.  PVRInput isn't aware (yet - although Lars is looking 
>> into it) that it's not sending anything to VDR.  This is a problem when 
>> recording as VDR restarts, if I'm doing concurrent recordings then I lose 
>> bits of other recording during this time.  As an aside, AC-3 is passed 
>> through from the original ATSC-QAM stream, I had to patch VDR again to 
>> stop checking for ATSC on Audio Type 0x81 or VDR would ignore the audio 
>> dpid of the channel and set it to 0.  This also had to be done for the 
>> VNSI plugin in XBMC-PVR.
>> I really want to thank Lars for teaching me about TS streams..

New question - what hardware support is there for VDR and ATSC?  I'm moving
to the US, so will be ditching my DVB-C and DVB-S hardware - what should I
be buying to work with VDR?


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