[vdr] TT Premium S2-6400

Roland Behme rb at nugman.de
Wed Apr 20 00:26:58 CEST 2011

> I just looked at the pdf on this card. Euro only as it only supports 
> PAL.
That's no problem for me as a euro resident ...

> Also, I just got my new 32" TV in dec and noticed that most where 
> 1080p. There where few new 1080i. The local TV dealer said companies are 
> discontinuing 1080i. 
The resolution your TV is capable of is irrelevant if no one is
providing this resolution over satellite.
At the moment there are no broadcasters sending 1080p. Some do 720p,
some 1080i. The signal processor on the S2-6400 supports 1080p at
24/25/30 fps. As far as I read some TV broadcasters (e.g. BBC) are
thinking about broadcasting in 1080p50, but this is nothing that comes
around the corner next week. The S2-6400 will be capable of handling any
signal that is sent all over Europe for the next couple of years. That's
sufficient for me. If you want to buy something that lasts forever, you
should rather buy a house, not computer hardware.

> Many new TV's even upscale to 120 or 240 creating 
> interpolated frames. 
I cannot see why this should be an issue. Those TVs multiply the frame
rate even when you connect a BD-player. This is done for a improving the
image on fast movements. It has nothing to do with the incoming signal
in any way.

> This card only goes to 1080i. It's already outdated.
See above. Who cares?


I wish I had a dollar for every time I spent a dollar, because then,
I'd have all my money back.

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